How long have we been social distancing now? Lost count? Yeah…us too. Being stuck at home, away from our offices  and studios has been a challenge. But we wanted to let you know about a challenge we think you’ll rise to. Once again, our buddies over at Artwork Archive have come up with an artistic solution to get us through this isolation. 

If you head on over to their Instagram you’ll see they have started the #artuniteschallenge. Artists of all kinds are given prompts along with daily challenges to help them get creative at a time when creativity is lacking. Some of the current challenges released include:

  • Tagging or posting calming artwork
  • Create a free-flowing drawing or painting
  • Create a Monet style work-do a drawing of the same building or view at different times of the day. 
  • Go on a virtual museum tour and select a work to remake in a different style. 

They even have challenges for art businesses, including:

  • FInd art business allies and create a positive virtual environment- But don’t stop at just art businesses! Help out other businesses in the community if you can.  
  • Post before and after photos of you cleaning your business.
  • Re-think your marketing and consider shifting to online and digital marketing. We know people who can help you there!

The challenge has already attracted hundreds of artists from across the world, proving now more than ever that we are in this together. Upload your art to Instagram with the #artuniteschallenge. Stay safe, and never stop creating.
Find out more details here.