St. Catherine is the patron saint of artists, and also the inspiration behind the name for Milwaukee’s new hotel. Formerly the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Milwaukee,the Marcus Corporation bought and renovated the building. That’s right, Greg Marcus, you know… the guy from the movie theaters? He now owns and operates the Saint Kate-The Arts Hotel.

Officially opened last June, the hotel, as you may have guessed, is art themed. The hotel, as the website says is “created by artists for artists.” The hotel is designed for weddings, meetings, art exhibitions, and simply, inspiration. Each room is unique and decorated with local artwork. Along with that, each room is equipped with a record player, ukulele, drawing paper, and design books to help guests get in the most creative mindset possible. 

Works by Nathaniel Stern

 If you are a local artist, Saint Kate is a wonderful place to display your artwork. And that doesn’t just mean paintings or photography. Saint Kate considers all forms of art – dance, music, poetry, and film – for exhibition. If you are an art connoisseur, the hotel offers free exhibits at a times. 

Works by Nathaniel Stern

One of the current displays is The World After Us: Imaging Techno-Aesthetic Futures. The artist, Nathaniel Stern, asks the question: What will happen to our electronic waste? With millions and millions of new phones, smartwatches, computers, and TVs being made each year, what will nature do to them after we are gone? Through photography, prints, and sculptures, Stern displays his theory on what will happen to technology when we are no longer here to use it. Some of his photos show toadstools growing out of an AppleWatch and a cactus growing out of a speaker. Some of his sculptures include old video cameras and laptops with plants and vines growing out of them. 

Works by Nathaniel Stern

This thought-provoking series will be on display until March 25. 

The Saint Kate is more than just a hotel. It is a creative resource for creative people not only in Milwaukee, but across the country. It is a center for community, appreciation,and a great place to be inspired.