For an artist, the internet is your best friend and your worst enemy. It is a great place to network and sell art, but it’s also a place where artists can get caught up in bad sales and taken advantage of. The internet also houses thousands of opportunities for artists, but who has the time to search through all of those web pages when there is artwork to be made? Luckily, there is an all-encompassing site that helps artists not only network and sell their art but also compiles a list of amazing artistic opportunities. 

So, what is this magical site? It’s called Artwork Archive, a cloud-based art community built for artists, by artists. It is the perfect site to help manage your artwork and help collectors find amazing art. 

In this day and age, creating art is only half the battle. The business end of selling your art can be messy and complicated. However, Artwork Archive offers a variety of business tools for you to use! They offer inventory reports, invoicing, sales tracking, and more. Tools like these make navigating the business side of things much easier.

Setting up an account is easy. Plans range from $6-$19 a month so start with the free trial to see which plan works for you. Even if you’re not in a place to be able to afford an account, Artwork Archive offers a ton of free resources. That’s right, free! They offer guides that help artists start businesses, guides for pricing, and guides for grant opportunities. There are even blogs that elaborate on all these helpful guides, and walk you through how to use them! 

Artwork Archive is a company that truly cares about helping artists succeed. One of their latest blog posts lists the hundreds of opportunities for grants and residencies currently being offered all over the world. Check it out here. Stay tuned for more information. New opportunities are being added every day!